RepreZen Helps to Quickly Design and Deliver World-Class APIs and Microservices in a Fraction of the Time

studiologo_with_trademark-150dpi-Padded-800x257RepreZen, the first fully integrated API design workbench, helps to quickly design and deliver world-class APIs and microservices in a fraction of the time. Selected for the premier accelerator Startup Bootcamp FinTech in early 2016, the application program interface designer worked on their strategy over three months while exploring potential engagements with  SBC FinTech partners, including MasterCard, Deutsche Bank, Thomson Reuters, Santander, and others.

The accelerator facilitated the diverse and talented team, connecting to program mentors and the Startup Bootcamp’s extended network. The were also able to partially work in SBC’s Silicon Alley workspace with a handful of other promising fintech startups. During the Selection Days weekend event, the RepreZen team attended an engaging series of meeting with sponsors and mentors. The team, which includes Ted Epstein, CEO of RepreZen, Integration Lead Andy Lowry, and CTO Tanya Fesenko. participated in an orientation, and pitch and presentation training.

Even if RepreZen hadn’t been selected by the accelerator, the preceding weekend had already plied attendees with useful introductions and insights. Some important that was reaffirmed through chats with enterprise IT professionals was API Management helps, but only after API design and implementation; integration is on the critical path for every strategic IT investment; and an API design platform that addresses interface mismatch at the source. Following gruelling interviews and meetings, the ReprenZen team spent at Tavern 29 while the Startup Bootcamp Fintech partners deliberated. Partners then returned with hugs, champagne, and handshakes, announcing that RepreZen had been selected, sharing the honor with nine other startups.

ReprenZen provides an integrated environment that harmonizes API designs, brings API design into focus for an entire team, and it generates APIs that are comprehensive and clink into client apps. RepreZen API Studio is said to “empowers software teams to define their API contracts, specifying the standard models, methods and patterns that make their APIs work together.” Users have also said that it’s an ideal tool to design and document REST APIs because the modeling environment is intuitive, allowing for users to focus on the architecture and functionality of an API resource model.

RepreZen API Studio has everything you needed to design, document and delivers end-to-end API solutions.

4 New Fintech Startups Primed to Take on the Finance Industry

18293552513_e473df2764_oThere were four new fintech startups recently fingered at London’s O2 arena, where companies pitched to investors and enthusiasts. The event was hosted by Barclays and Techstars, which is one of the world’s largest startup accelerators.


One of those fintech startups happens to be Cuvva, which is a British startup that permits users to purchase car insurance for someone else’s vehicle by the hour. This is done via a smartphone app. This enables friends to use another’s car legally, equipping them with flexible insurance. The iPhone app (the Android app is still underway) verifies users by taking a photo of an individual’s driver’s license and a selfie. A number of metrics are taken into account to calculate the cost of hourly insurance. The developer hopes to want to maneuver the app into a marketplace platform, and he’s in major car insurer to purchase hourly coverage of their own car.


Zighra, another selected startup, has devised a method by which a user’s behavioral traits, rather than eye scan or fingerprint is used as a way to gain entrance to one’s smartphone. The pressure applied to the screen of the phone and the angle in which they hold their phone. This tool is used as an application for other institutions, and will not be a separate app. This proposes an invisible layer of security that reacts to interaction with the screen. Interaction with the screen generates an individualized score by the user, which differs from anyone else. Presently, Zighra is working with one of the nation’s top insurance companies and Canada’s top two banks to integrate solutions into their program.


Helm is yet another incredible fintech startup, which was founded by an ex-JPMorgan compliance chief. The app can inform businesses when they aren’t meeting regulations and laws. The software stands as a database that houses rules, and it notifies compliance managers at firms. This removes the need for lawyers and eases steps toward compliance. Additionally, Helm enables regulators to consult institutions via the platform forthcoming regulations.


Co-founded by Terrie Smith, one of the developers of Apple Pay, is DigiSEq, a platform that allows companies producing devices with devices with near-field communication technology, removing the complexities of security and delivering secure application data. The company partners with a number of manufacturers to make sure they offer a complete array of services.

Fintech will truly bring forward a future where consumers can feel secure, protected, and informed.

David E. Mickey is a financial executive based in Buffalo, New York, and he’s an Enterprise Sales Executive at Docupace Technologies. Please visit his websites to learn more: http://davidemickey.com; and